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Friday, July 15, 2011

Virtual Exhibits!

Today is the day that all that work cataloging photographs for the Tacoma Historical Society pays off.

Today, four virtual exhibits of historic photographs, one of postcards and photographs of early Tacoma schools, one of people, known and unknown, one of parks of Tacoma, and one of early Tacoma business and commerce, are available for public view on the Tacoma Historical Society's website.

Please go take a look, and tell me what you think!


  1. They're very nice. I think I like the schools one best - but that may be my architectural bent coming forward. Hopefully you'll get people answering the calls for information. Good job, well done (for the value of what I know about museum curation, of course [G])

  2. Thanks! It was a very interesting project.

  3. Nice variety of topics, well-organized, very searchable: impressive! Definitely up to your usual high standards.

  4. Although I've only been to Tacoma twice and have no ties to the city, I enjoyed the photos. Some of those school buildings are quite impressive. Loved the photos of the people. I hope those now not identified will be soon.

  5. They are. I'm still sort of boggled at the idea of postcards of schools. Schools aren't exactly tourist attractions.

    A couple of the people have already been identified. I hope when the Society gets more grant money and rehires me that I'll be able to get in there and do a lot of updating.